Give me one name

Recently in a group of people we had discussion about gas chambers and 'millions' of jews who 'perished' in them . My friend who was doubting the doubters was challenged to :

‘ Provide a name of one person who could be shown as died in a German gas chamber during second world war ‘ .

As a bonus she was told that she will be invited every day to any restaurant of her choice , have a meal of her choice and not pay anything – FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE .
She asked to repeat the promise in front of several people (‘ to be sure that you keep your promise ‘). At that time she was the happiest woman in the world .

I rung her 2 days later asking how the search is going – ‘ not yet ‘ was the reply , few days later I heard ‘ not yet ‘ again . At the end of the week she told me that she is not that good in searching internet maybe I could advise her what she was doing wrong .
I said - you cannot search the ‘ holocaust deniers ‘ , ‘ anti-Semitic ‘ , ‘ neo-Nazi ‘ and ‘ revisionist ‘ sites because by definition that information will not be there . What about all jewish sites – holocaust museums, institutes, jewish cultural centres, organisations of survivors, ‘ ghetto fighters ‘, israeli embassies etc. All this propaganda machine ( thousands of people ) employed in promoting the concept of gas chambers should have the recorded name of ONE SUCH PERSON (out of ‘millions ‘).
She collected over 800 email addresses and contacted people in jewish propaganda outfits – from ADL to museum in Sydney , from Wiesenthal centre to israeli embassy in Canberra .

Majority of people from those organizations did not even reply .
Some desperados , particularly embassies , tried to dump her at the doorsteps of thinking that if they pay them millions every year they should be able to furnish at least one name . Nope ! …. not even one is marked as died in gas chamber . There are some cryptic entries ‘ perished in Shoah ‘ –  they could mean clubbed to death by other jews fighting for Red Cross chocolates or access to prostitutes ( Auschwitz DID HAVE brothel ).
Lots of recycled photographs of malnutrished people taken in 1945 when German transport and distribution system was blown to pieces by indiscriminate , murderous bombing by stupid goys doing dirty jobs for jews ( Anglos and Yankies ) .
And bodies of victims of typhus and hunger – implying subtly that they could be ‘ gassed people ‘ .

Many tried to misdirect her to sites with garbage in them or generalized ‘ claims ‘ about holocaust .
Eg when advised by ADL  to check
( firstly you have to pay $100  to jewish extortionists for the right to access the data base ) she found lists of transports from one camp to another ; survivers of all sorts , even those living in Philippines ;
Names of 671 Jews who emigrated to Peru, from the early 1800's through 1947 ; Records of 2,995 foreigners (mostly German Jews) who came into contact with Dutch authorities between the mid-1930s and 1954 ;
Index of the prisoners held at Miranda de Ebro, the central camp in Spain for foreign prisoners ;
Names of nearly 500 French Jews who were issued immigration visas to Brazil during the Holocaust – and similar rubbish to make impression that there are lots of lists of ‘ victims ‘.
Great surprise with  ‘ Karaganda, Kazakhstan Lists ‘ – Germans never got there ?!
Some lists claim to contain names of people who died without stating the reason .
( apart from shooting , it is known that in concentration camps the main cause was typhus )
Why include list of migrants to Peru in 19 century as victims of holocaust ???
on the list which is clearly marked as ‘ JewishGen's Holocaust Database ‘ .

Since the actual number of jewish victims during second world war has been exagerated (likely) tenfold it became necessary for the jewish propaganda to include various , irrelevant lists of people put together to claim that there are records of ‘ millions ‘ of people who died .
Miracle provable by jewish records ! – 19 century jewish migrants to Peru died twice, once in various time and circumstances and then again during ‘hollowhoax‘.
Can anybody match such miracle !

Majority of people on those lists ( some are doubled on various lists ) are merely people who were alive at the time of second world war .
Using the same methodology – 6 BILLIONS people alive today can claim to be survivors of jewish genocide in Palestine . There are records of their existence , their addresses in Greenland or Vanuatu and genocide in Palestine goes on – those are ‘ historical ‘ facts using their own jewish method of creating ‘ victims ‘ who are eligible to claim compensation from jews the same way about 2 millions of them got it from German government .

Another issue about numbers – those lists claim to contain about 2.4 ( or 4 ) millions names of people and as pointed above mostly ‘ survivors ‘ .
Where is the rest of ‘ 6 millions ‘ who are claimed to died in ‘ holocaust ‘ ?
This happened in 20th century in Europe where in the littlest of towns were multiple public records
( civil and religious ) of every person , every house , every m3 of land .
And if we can find a record of a non jewish person from the same period and the same place you cannot claim that records ‘ disappeared ‘ , ‘ were destroyed by Germans ‘ ?
So , Mr and Mrs Choo – where those ‘ missing millions ‘ come from ?!

Some ‘ clever ‘ jews (eg .Tom Jackson  ‘Education Officer‘ from Holocaust Educational Trust - ) tried to give some names which when checked did not stand up to scrutiny but Tom Jackson when confronted with his lie had audacity to reply that - ‘ I’m not sure that it makes a great deal of difference whether anyone actually saw Korczak and his 198 children walk into the gas chambers at Treblinka ‘.
In every case of people claiming of grandparents or other relatives dying in ‘gas chamber‘ when trying to verify names and get redirected to – found there merely confirmation of death .
Some names came from thin air – no trace on any list .CHECK IT YOURSELF .
Asking the claimants to provide some verifiable information about the death in ‘gas chamber‘ resulted in the end of correspondence .

On found name of Hana Brady marked as ‘ Arrived at the camp on October 23, 1944, and was gassed immediately ‘ .
How do they know ? – jewish book Good Books Matter by Stagg Peterson, Shelley; Swartz, Larry (2008) says so .
How do they know ? – her brother says so .
How does he know ? – he thinks so because she is dead .
Still waiting for Wikipedia answer to the email if they have more veryfiable information about this death in ‘gas chamber‘ .
So a lie repeated many times over becomes ‘fact‘ and an average person is led to believe in it because it is in ‘Wikipedia‘ ?

Weasel organisation ( ) cynically called ‘Museum of tolerance‘ but being the centre for spreading hatred , lies and persecution remained silent as well .
Its Pinoccio boss creation suddenly suffering from memory loss of who did he said that he saw dying in ‘gas chambers‘.

It is apparent that the working language of those jews is rather limited . Apart from sticking labels on people and nasty invectives they cannot go any further .
It is not a ‘historical‘ argument (eg as Mariela Sztrum From Sydney Jewish Museum tried ) an invective put with almost visible foam in the mouth .
And how one could forget Ronald Eissens from ‘ International Network Against Cyber Hate ‘ daring to say that ‘ Holocaust denial is illegal in Australia, so if this group of people keeps on denying that Jews were gassed in concentration camps, you could file a complaint with the police ‘ . Of course that piece of poor excuse for human being could not provide a name either !! – but he wants you to dob in and put in prison your own friends because they dare to think outside limits set by jews and display so human desire to find the truth .

I am including answers from some jews who did reply . I am also including the list of all those people and organisations contacted .


Replies Jews contacted
NOTE 1 :
When it comes to discussing jews nothing is simple or straighforward .

NOTE 2 :
Just like ' christians ' claim credibility to the fact of ' historical jesus ' solely on the basis of ‘modified‘ 
2 entries in one of books by ( almost ) contemporary jewish historian Josephus , so the basis of 'millions in gas chambers' rests on the signed ' confession ' by tortured and then hanged one time commandant of Aushwitz concentration camp - Rudolf Höss. Not surprisingly thousands of Germans working in concentration camps  and not tortured somehow do not recall seeing ‘ gas chambers ‘ ? Thousands of inmates being there and at that time do not recall it either ? Hmmmmmm……
Since jews  admitted that German made lists of people who were shot ( with names and addresses ) so what happened to lists of those ‘ gassed people ‘ ?

If there is not even one single victim , there could not be gas chambers . If there were no gas chambers – the fraud is exposed . The evidence is coming not from those labelled ‘ nasties ‘ but from jews themselves – voluntarily, without interrogation or tortures, without duress .
How jews are going to refute other jews who are refuting them ?

In many countries legislation has been introduced to terrorise people and to silence the rational questions .
With clear repetition of  ‘ dark  age ‘ enforcement of dogmas convenient to the ‘ rulling ‘ classes ,
' doubting ‘ the hollowhoax  is termed ‘ crime ‘ punishable by ‘ law ‘ and currently few people are still in prison for such ‘ crime ‘ .

We are not ‘ doubting the holocaust ‘ - we want to know the name of one single person who died in a gas chamber so we can acknowledge and pay respect to that person memory !
If jews themselves do not know of any such person  – what chance of finding out that person name have defenders of mankind  - ‘ holocaust deniers ‘ , ‘ anti-Semites ‘ , ‘ neo-Nazis ‘ and ‘ revisionists ‘ ?!

Time for the law to take its course . People claiming to loose families in gas chambers have to repay back the ‘ compensation ‘ ( plus interest and penalties ) .
Thanks for the ‘ hate ‘ laws there is a perfect instrument to take to courts and to demand damages from every jewish organisation claiming existence of gas chambers.
Every German has right to sue them for defamation , every other person in the world for trauma and mental distress caused by hideous lies . Charging jewish organisations  with incitement to hate is another option for law enforcement agencies .

It does not take much effort to take them to court ( similar procedures are available in all ‘democratic countries ‘ ).

Jews are only as ‘ powerful ‘ as WE allow them to be . There are ways of destroying their power –
‘ final solution ‘ – without using gas chambers . I am sure that many people will think of one or two ways of accomplishing that .

A friend of mine commented :
May be there was a person who died in ( disinfection ) gas chamber but we do not know if it was Moshe Millions or Rebecca Millions .

NOTE 3 :
Number of claimed deaths of jews in second world war varies from 300 000 to 9 millions .
People who studied population statistics in this period estimate that to be no more than about 600 000 (out of about 50 million of total deaths).
In concentration camps main killer was typhus , some were shot , a few hanged and a few killed by inmates ( gang wars about access to Red Cross parcels and goods in storage ).
In Western Europe usually by shooting for various reasons ( criminal activity, belonging to resistance, spying).
In Eastern Europe ( Latvia , Lithuania and to a lesser degree in Belarus and Ukraine ) mostly killed by local residents ( with German assistance ) as the revenge for cooperating with Russian communists to deport and/or exterminate local population .
In Eastern Poland inhabitants of many jewish ghettos in small towns were shot by Germans without any attempt to hide the killings or places of killings . German records of such actions survived and are known and accessible to every historian .
Those killed were buried without any fuss in mass graves known and accessible today.
No evidence of gas chambers or any ‘ unusual ‘ method of killing was ever proven but the myth persists due to both cunning of jews and credulity of an average person  .

They were killed not ‘ because they were jews ‘ but because they were followers and practitioners of the most racist , supremacist , hate promoting , chauvinist , bigoted , antihuman ideology ever created by a man – TALMUD .
Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the jews are unique among the peoples of the world in their intense hatred and contempt for all peoples but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him.
For the next 1900 years other investigators came to similar conclusions , either from a study of the jews' religious writings or from a study of the jews' behavior toward non-jews.
Talmud promotes the worst habits a man is capable of , it promotes not only hatred towards non-jews but also depravity in all forms , favors hideous conduct , treachery , lies , deceit and perfidy – provoking natural repulsion from ordinary people .
It is a model of moral ugliness, debasement, and degradation at the same time trying to warp and distort everything what is fair and beautiful ! 

The experience of Palestinians what jews do when they are allowed to raise heads above the cesspool they should be kept in is shared by Russians and people of Eastern Europe where jews were known under the name of ‘ communists ‘ .
The experience of subjugation , oppression and economic manipulation is shared in every country where jews ( through treacherous lackeys ) created ‘ democracy ‘ .

Jews who were killed were considered hostile element to humanity and their open , limited and targeted elimination was quite different from indiscriminate murder of civilians in bombing Dresden or Hiroshima by ‘ defenders of democracy ‘ ( jewish stooges ) .
It is reasonable to calculate the number of German civilian victims and murdered after the war soldiers ( particularly those from Waffen SS ) to actually be about ‘ 6 milions ‘ ( with 9 millions dead about 3 millions were killed as the result of combat ).
In perfidious fashion typical to jews to appear as ‘ victims ‘ of ‘ wickedness ‘ they reversed the situation demanding other people to feel pity on them instead of more natural feeling of gratitude towards Germans to have guts ‘ to do the job ‘ .

Rarely mentioned true reason for the ‘ black death ‘ in Europe in 14 century which killed more than 1/3 of population is the fact that morons in ‘ holy inquisition ‘ considered cats to be impersonation of devil encouraging people to kill them .
Balance in nature was disturbed and millions of decease carrying rats were roaming and multiplying freely .
Jews infiltrated many communities showing to be the most parasitic in them . Scratch the surface and behind any depravity or crime there is a mask of a hidden jew .
In all practical terms the ‘ jewish question ‘ remains open and sooner or later the humanity must address it effectively to uproot the evil .

So , Mr. and Mrs. Choo - if you ever wonder why most people on this planet hate you (you call it ‘persecution‘) look at this situation .
For over 60 years you have been falsely accusing people of committing a horrific crime ; you lied to every human on this earth ; it was not done as a joke or mistake ; you deliberately were harming people ; you took advantage of people having pity on you ; you stole by deception untold billions from German nation ( and others ) ; you caused people to be persecuted under false accusations .

And when it came to show the substance behind your claims – a little girl showed who you truly are .
I will not bother sending invectives in your direction – your time is up !

Stephan Konrad